How It Works

Our Four-Step Process

Our four-step process has proven to work again and again.

First Visit

During your first visit you will be interviewed about your medical history and general health questions, obtain lab work and EKG. You will consult with a licensed physician who conducts your initial evaluation prior to beginning your weight loss program.

Weekly Visits

During your weekly visits we conduct weight monitoring, BMI monitoring, consulting and make sure you’re staying on track towards your health goals.

Maintenance Program

For patients that experience strong success, you will transition into a maintenance program where we begin to introduce foods back into your diet and teach you how to manage eating those foods. At this stage, we also begin tapering prescribed medications.

Enduring Success

By now, you’ve demonstrated you have the knowledge and willpower to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. From here, you’ll continue on to live out a healthy life and we’ll be right here for you moving forward.

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