Facts & Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose?

It varies from patient to patient. However, patients can expect to see strong results in the beginning weeks.

I have high blood pressure. Can I still begin the program?

Yes. If your blood pressure is well controlled on your current medication or regimen, you can still begin our weight loss program. We also offer an all-natural plan for patients with high blood pressure.

What happens if I come in and some of my routine medication is contraindicated with an appetite suppressant?

We offer an alternative, all-natural plan structured around amino acids.

Will my weight loss plan be covered by insurance?

We do not file on insurance, but you may keep your receipts and potentially receive a reimbursement from your insurance company. We encourage you to call your insurance provider for more information.

What happens when I reach my goal weight?

We celebrate with you! By now, you?ve demonstrated you have the knowledge and willpower to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. From here, you?ll continue on to live out a healthy lifestyle and we?ll be right here for you moving forward.

Do I have to purchase the food in my diet plan from Healthy Figures?

You don?t have to buy food from Healthy Figures. We provide you with a structured meal plan and shopping list and you?re able to purchase the food yourself.

Do I have to sign a monthly or annual agreement to begin?

There is no contract. You do not get locked into any sort of monthly or annual agreement with Healthy Figures to begin our program.